List of University of Florida Honorary Degree Recipients - Honorary Degree Recipients, 2001–present

Honorary Degree Recipients, 2001–present

Recipient Year/Degree Notability
Virgil Hawkins 2001 LL.D. Virgil Hawkins was a civil rights activist who sought to integrate the University of Florida by seeking admission to the College of Law in the 1950s. Hawkins was the recipient of the University of Florida's second posthumous honorary degree.
Thomas A. Wright 2002 D.P.S. Thomas A. Wright was a Baptist minister, social activist, entrepreneur, and educator. Wright was recognized for his four decades of dedicated service to Florida communities and as a noted civil rights champion in the state of Florida.
2002 D.Sc. George Andrews is one of the most important and influential mathematicians of his generation. He is one of the world's leading authorities on the Theory of Partitions and the work of the Indian mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan.
2002 D.P.S. Jeffrey Spieler is a recognized leader in the fight for improving the health and the quality of life of vulnerable populations throughout the world. He is known for his advocacy for reproductive health, family planning and the development of better contraceptive choices.
Gale Lemerand 2003 D.H.L. Gale Lemerand is one of the largest donors to University of Florida's academic programs and the Florida Gators sports programs.
Howard T. Odum 2003 D.Sc. Howard T. Odum was a University of Florida graduate research professor emeritus, and the founder of the university's Center for Environmental Policy. Odum was a pioneering authority in the field of ecosystem ecology.
Jerome H. Modell 2004 D.Sc. Jerome H. Modell was former University of Florida professor and chairman of the College of Medicine's Department of Anesthesiology. Modell was an active leader in anesthesiology and critical care societies both nationally and internationally.
Karl Pister 2004 D.P.S. Karl Pister was the chairman of the governing board of the California Council on Science and Technology. Pister was a winner of the Vincent Bendix Award for Minorities in Engineering and the Lamme Medal by The American Society for Engineering Education, for his contributions to engineering education.
Samuel Proctor 2004 D.P.S. Samuel Proctor was a Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida and director of the University of Florida Oral History Project. Proctor was recognized as one of the "50 Distinguished Floridians of the 20th Century" and a national pioneer in the field of oral history. He co-authored a history of the university entitled Gator History: A Pictorial History of the University of Florida (1987).
William Francis Whitman, Jr. 2004 D.P.S. William Francis Whitman, Jr. was a horticulturist who prospected for unusual tropical fruits around the world, and popularized them in the United States. Whitman was an alumnus of the University of Florida.
Nicholas Bodor 2005 D.Sc. Nicholas Bodor was a University of Florida College of Pharmacy researcher internationally known for his design of unique drugs and drug delivery systems. Bodor was the first scientist to receive a Research Achievement Award in Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.
Edward Villella 2005 D.F.A. Edward Villella is an American ballet dancer and choreographer who is frequently cited as America's most celebrated male dancer.
Linda Aiken 2006 D.Sc. Linda Aiken is an international authority known for advancing quality patient care through research and health policy work.
2006 D.P.S. Bob Graham is a former Florida governor and U.S. Senator (1986–2004). Graham helped to create the Bob Graham Centers at University of Florida and the University of Miami which focus on policy studies on public leadership, the Americas and homeland security.
J. Crayton Pruitt 2006 D.Sc. J. Crayton Pruitt is a surgeon who pioneered the surgical treatment of carotid artery arteriosclerosis for the prevention of stroke. Pruitt created the Pruitt-Inahara Carotid Shunt that is one of the most widely used devices of its kind.
2006 D.Sc. Robert Grubbs was the recipient of 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with two others who developed the metathesis method in organic synthesis.
Barry Barish 2007 D.Sc. Barry Barish is the Linde Professor of Physics who conducted experiments that revealed the quark substructure of the nucleon.
Andrew H. Hines 2007 D.Sc. Andrew H. Hines is the chairman emeritus of Florida Progress Corp., and is credited for the rapid growth and business success of the Florida Power Corporation.
2008 Bo Diddley was an original and influential American rock-and-roll singer, guitarist and songwriter. Although the honorary degree was confirmed by the university before his death on June 2, 2008, the degree was awarded posthumously. Diddley's is only the third posthumous honorary degree awarded by the University of Florida.

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