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Current Members

Karasuba (鴉羽?, Sekirei #04)
Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese), Christine Auten (English)
Known as the "Black Sekirei" (黒い鶺鴒, Kuroi Sekirei?) and "MBI's dog" (M・B・Iの狗, MBI no Inu?), Karasuba is the leader of the third Discipline Squad wielding a nodachi and the oldest active member. In the past, Karasuba was a member of the first Discipline Squad and teamed up with Yume in the second Discipline Squad. It is later revealed that Karasuba wanted to fight and defeat Yume and, as a result, resents Yume for "disappearing" before they could settle their rivalry. This unsettled matter appears to have heavily influenced Karasuba's actions throughout the story. In the past, Karasuba seems to bear a contempt for humans, deeming them an "unnecessary species", evidenced when she killed a numerous amount of soldiers during her mission to rescue Musubi. This continues with the current storyline, though at a much lesser extent. She maintains a "friendly" relationship with Musubi (whom she calls "Mū-chan"), and the two have made a promise to be the last two Sekirei standing. After the escape plan and the failure of Haihane and Benitsubasa, she tried to kill both of them. Karasuba and Miya do not associate well with each other (Miya not allowing her to set foot in Maison Izumo) and tend to come close to fighting each other at the mere appearance of the other. Her name means "Raven Feather".
Haihane (灰翅?, Sekirei #104)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese), Clarine Harp (English)
Known as the "Blue Sekirei" (蒼い鶺鴒, Aoi Sekirei?), Haihane is a member of the third Discipline Squad, with her weapons being her gauntlets that have scythe-like claws for fingers. After her fight with Tsukiumi, she develops a hatred for her because she almost drowned. She wears a tattered kimono over her bandaged body, giving her a Grim Reaper-like appearance. She is also prone to laughing to the point that it hurts her stomach, and tends to tease Benitsubasa about her small breasts. She is also forgetful, once forgetting that she had her claws on while trying to block her ears, resulting in her stabbing herself in the face. She attacked Shigi even though the rules say not to attack an Ashikabi. Her name means "Ash Feather" and her attacks are Zankako no Tsume ("Talons of Execution") and Seikei no Tsume ("Claws of Execution").
Benitsubasa (紅翼?, Sekirei #105)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō (Japanese), Anita Neukar (English)
Known as the "Red Sekirei" (緋い鶺鴒, Akai Sekirei?), Benitsubasa is another member of the third Discipline Squad and the most aggressive and hotheaded of the three. Like Musubi, she is a hand-to-hand fighter, but as stated by Haihane they are complete opposites. After her fight with Musubi and Yume (believing to be Musubi), she keeps a hatred for Musubi after she was almost thrown across the border (which was Yume's doing). She has a habit of sticking her tongue out while fighting and hates stupid people. She wears a kimono-like shirt with one sleeve missing and has pink hair in a side ponytail with two daisy clips. She also has an inferiorty complex with her small breasts, which would often be the center of Haihane's jokes. Out of the three Discipline Squad members, she is the only one who "loves" her Ashikabi, as she wants Natsuo to "open his eyes" (make him like women), then kill both Haihane and Karasuba so she can have him all to herself. Although the rules say not to attack Ashikabi, she attacked Minato because she thinks that "it'll be better to get rid of him". Her name means "Crimson Wings" and her attacks are Shock Wave, Pulverizer (粉☆砕?), Gekishin (激☆震?, "Extreme Quake"), and Blood Festival (血☆まつり, Chi Matsuri?).

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