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The Discipline Squad (懲罰部隊, Chōbatsu Butai?) is an elite group of Sekirei in charge of preventing any Sekirei or Ashikabi to withdraw from the Sekirei Plan. The first Discipline Squad, known as the "S-Plan Guardians", was initially formed by the MBI from the first five awoken Sekirei to protect the Sekirei that have yet to mature and awaken from enemy forces. Miya was the group's leader, with Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, and Mutsu following her. After its break-up, the second Discipline Squad was formed, with Yume as the leader and Karasuba with the same goals. After Yume's death, the third (and current) Discipline Squad, consisting of Karasuba, Haihane, and Benitsubasa, was formed.

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List Of Sekirei Characters - Mid Bio Informatics - Discipline Squad - Former Members
... Hayami (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English) Yume was the leader of the second Discipline Squad and teamed up with Karasuba in the past ... Yume's soul temporarily took control of her body, beat the Discipline Squad, and was able to restore Musubi's crest ...

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