List of Postal Codes in Iceland

List Of Postal Codes In Iceland

Postal codes in Iceland are made up of three digits. The codes are followed by the name of the place where the post is being distributed, which is either a municipality, the nearest city, town or village. The total number of postal codes is 149; with 18 reserved for post-office boxes, two for public institutes and larger private companies and one used for international sorting purposes only.

The movie 101 Reykjavík is named after the city centre.

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List Of Postal Codes In Iceland - 9xx: South
... Code Place area served Post office address, code and place (if outside area served) 900 Vestmannaeyjar Vestmannabraut 902 ... Vestmannaeyjar, PO boxes Vestmannabraut 22, 900 Vestmannaeyjar ...

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