List of Pornographic Book Publishers

This list contains notable publishing organizations (past and present) and imprints that specialize in pornographic books.

  • Circlet Press, a publisher of science fiction and fantasy erotica.
  • Ellora's Cave, an erotic fiction publisher.
  • Erotika Biblion Society was an erotic publisher from 1888 to 1909 based in London.
  • Greenery Press, a publisher specializing in non-fiction books on sexuality.
  • Grove Press, an American alternative books publisher established in 1951.
  • Olympia Press, a Paris-based publisher launched in 1953 that no longer publishes.
  • Sensorotika Press, a very small publisher of erotic titles.
  • Black Lace, an erotic imprint with solely female authors.
  • Nexus Books, an erotic imprint focusing on BDSM.

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