List of Political Scientists - Notable Political Scientists - R


  • Douglas W. Rae - Equality theorist
  • Mahesh Rangarajan - Indian political analyst and researcher with a focus on contemporary Indian politics and the politics of wildlife conservation in India
  • R. A. W. Rhodes - Public administration scholar
  • Condoleezza Rice - Former National Security Advisor, former Secretary of State. Professor at Stanford University.
  • Floyd M. Riddick - Parliamentarian of the United States Senate from 1964 to 1974, and developer of Riddick's Senate procedure.
  • William H. Riker - 20th century political scientist who applied game theory to political science.
  • Patrick T. Riley - political theorist and Kant scholar
  • David Rohde - Congress scholar
  • Stein Rokkan - Expert on political parties and movements, founder of the Institute for Comparative Politics.
  • Richard Rose - American political scientist, Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen
  • Richard Rosecrance - International relations and political economy expert.
  • Clinton Rossiter - American government and constitutional history theorist.
  • John Ruggie - International relations theorist, social constructivist.
  • John Rawls - Political philosopher.

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