List of Poems By Catullus

List Of Poems By Catullus

This article lists the poems of Catullus and their various properties.

Catullus' poems can be divided into three groups:

  • the polymetrics (poems 1–60)
  • the long poems (poems 61–68)
  • the epigrams (poems 69–116)

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List Of Poems By Catullus - Main List
... The table below lists all of Catullus' extant poems, with links to the full text, the poetic meter, the number of lines, and other data ... The "Type" column is color-coded, with a green font indicating poems for or about friends, a magenta font marking his famous poems about his Lesbia, and a ... The "Addressee(s)" column cites the person to whom Catullus addresses the poem, which ranges from friends, enemies, targets of political satire, one sparrow and, of course, Lesbia ...

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