List of Murdered Popes - Chronological List of Popes (assassinated Because of Defending The Faith)

Chronological List of Popes (assassinated Because of Defending The Faith)

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  • Saint Peter (64/67), traditionally martyred by crucifixion.
  • Saint Anacletus (88).
  • Saint Sixtus I (125), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Hyginus (142), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Pius I (155), by sword.
  • Saint Anicetus (166), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Soter (175), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Eleuterus (189), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Callixtus I (223).
  • Saint Fabian (250).
  • Saint Cornelius (253).
  • Saint Stephen I (257).
  • Saint Sixtus II (258).
  • Saint Martin I (655).

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