List of Murdered Popes - Chronological List of Popes (assassinated Because of Defending The Faith)

Chronological List of Popes (assassinated Because of Defending The Faith)

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  • Saint Peter (64/67), traditionally martyred by crucifixion.
  • Saint Anacletus (88).
  • Saint Sixtus I (125), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Hyginus (142), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Pius I (155), by sword.
  • Saint Anicetus (166), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Soter (175), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Eleuterus (189), traditionally martyred.
  • Saint Callixtus I (223).
  • Saint Fabian (250).
  • Saint Cornelius (253).
  • Saint Stephen I (257).
  • Saint Sixtus II (258).
  • Saint Martin I (655).

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    When I tell any truth it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those who do.
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    What is wrong with priests and popes is that instead of being apostles and saints, they are nothing but empirics who say “I know” instead of “I am learning,” and pray for credulity and inertia as wise men pray for scepticism and activity.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

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