List of Minor Emmerdale Farm Characters (1972–73) - Lena Dawkins

Lena Dawkins
Emmerdale character
left;">Portrayed by Lorraine Peters
Introduced by Kevin Laffan
Duration 1973-76
First appearance 31 December 1973
Last appearance 24 February 1976
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Shop owner

Mrs Dawkins was first seen in late 1973 in the shop chatting to Alison Gibbons. She was a no nonsense lady. In early 1975 Norah Norris had to rush off and left Mrs Dawkins in charge of the shop. Norah later left and Mrs Dawkins took over the running of Beckindale shop and post office. She disrupted Wilf Padgett from his work adding the post office as he claimed she talked too much. Lena took no nonsense from anybody, even her boss Henry Wilks. She was last seen in February 1976 and left the shop in between then and 1988 when a Mrs Robson ran the place.

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