List of Lost Films - Sound Films - 1960s


Year Film Director Cast Notes Ref
1962 Bulgasari Kim Myeong-jae South Korean Kaiju film. Later remade in 1985 as Pulgasari.
1963 Andy Warhol Films Jack Smith Filming Normal Love Andy Warhol Jack Smith This home movie, which may have been Warhol's first film, was seized by New York police in March 1964, and has since disappeared.
Farewell Performance Robert Tronson David Kernan
Frederick Jaeger
Delphi Lawrence
On the BFI 75 Most Wanted list.
1965 Gogola Balwant Dave Tabassum Bollywood clone of Godzilla, unknown if any prints still survive.
1967 Batman Fights Dracula Leody M. Diaz Jing Abalos, Dante Rivero An unofficial Filipino Batman parody made without permission of DC Comics, owner of the character's copyright.
Israel: A Right to Live John Schlesinger Director Schlesinger shot this film for producer Harry Saltzman. Alan Rosenthal claims that "hours of film had been shot and edited, but nobody liked the result. Israel was too triumphant, too out of keeping with the changed mood. It had a few showings and then passed into oblivion." On the other hand, William J. Mann claims that Schlesinger never finished the documentary, "due to 'creative differences' with the BBC." Cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond claimed in 2011 that he's never been able to find a copy of the documentary.
1968 Las Noches del Hombre Lobo René Govar Paul Naschy The second in a series of films featuring the character Count Waldemar Daninsky. Never publicly screened.
The Other People David Hart Peter McEnery, Donald Pleasence Never released.
1969 The Promise Michael Hayes Ian McKellen, John Castle First known film adaptation of a work by Soviet playwright Aleksei Arbuzov, and an early film role for McKellen. Appears on the BFI 75 Most Wanted list.

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