List of Guqin Societies - China and Asia

China and Asia

Society Name (English) Society Name (Chinese) Location or base Date of founding Website Remarks
Northern China
Beijing Guqin Yanjiu Hui 北京古琴研究會 Beijing November 1947
University of Peking Guqin Association 北京大學古琴社 Beijing September 2001
Shandong Deyin Qinshe 山東德音琴社 Jinan 6 November 2003
Shandong Guqin Yianjiu Hui 山東古琴研究會 Shandong
Yuanyin Qinshe 元音琴社 Taiyuan 1921
Songfeng Qinshe 松風琴社 Dalian July 2000
Shenyang Guqin Yianjiuhui 沈陽古琴研究會 Shenyang March 1980
Jinjiang Qinshe 錦江琴社 Chengdu 1979
Bohai Qinshe 渤海琴社 Shijiazhuang
Tongshan-Xian Guqin Xuehui 銅山縣古琴學會 Cuizhou 1987
Southern China
Jinyu Qinshe 今虞琴社 Shanghai 1934
Mei'an Qinshe 梅庵琴社 Nantong 1929 Website
Xiaoyiao Qinshe 逍遥琴社 Hefei 1999
Xihu Qinshe 西湖琴社 Hangzhou 1987
Wumen Qinshe 蘇州吳門琴社 Suzhou November 1986
Guangling Qinshe 廣陵琴社 Yangzhou 1915
Mengqi Qinshe 夢溪琴社 Zhenjiang
Yushan Qinshe 虞山琴社 Changshu Revived 1984
Jinling Qinshe 金陵琴社 Nanjing 1934
Bozhou Guqin Yianjiuhui 播洲古琴研究會 Guizhou 1986
Guangdong Guqin Yianjiuhui 廣東古琴研究會 Canton October 1980
Foshan Guqin Society 佛山古琴研究會 Canton December 2006 Website
Other Chinese locations and to-be-classified
Deyin Qinshe 德愔琴社 Hong Kong 1998
Tianting Qinshe 天聽琴社 Hong Kong July 1959
Tang Yishe 唐藝社 Hong Kong
Haitian Qinshe 海天琴社 Taiwan
Hezhen Qinshe 和真琴社 Taiwan
Yingzhou Qinshe 瀛洲琴社 Taiwan 1999? Website
Tianmu Ge Sixian Qinshe 天穆閣絲弦琴社 Taiwan
Youtong Qinshe 友桶琴社
Wuxing Qinshe 吳興琴社
Tokyo Qin Society 東京琴社 Tokyo Website
Kamakura Qin Society 鎌倉琴社 Kanagawa Website

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