List of Great Central Railway Locomotives and Rolling Stock - Diesel & Electric Multiple Units


Diesel & Electric Multiple Units

Though many are still undergoing long-term restoration, the economic benefits of multiple unit trains has been able to be utilised as an easy option for early morning services where a steam locomotive is unavailable.

Number & Name Description History & Current Status Livery Owner(s) Date Photograph
Nos. 50321<br /> 51427 British Rail Class 101 DMCL
Both units run frequently year-round to back up the steam and diesel services. Their lined green livery has earned them the affectionate title of Green Goddess among staff and supporters. BR Lined Green. Renaissance Railcars. 1958/59
Undergoing overhaul, restoration or repairs
No. E53645
British Rail Class 108 DMCL
Undergoing open-air restoration at Ruddington, where work (currently focused on external bodywork) could be completed by 2012/13. BR Blue and Grey. Nottingham (GC) DMU Group. 1958/1959
No. W79976 British Railways AC Cars Railbus Arrived in 2006 and has been Languishing outside of the shed at Loughborough ever since. However, in 2009, the Mountsorrel Railway Project, decided to take up the restoration on their own conditions, as they are otherwise lacking a locomotive to run on the railway when it is completed. BR Lined Green. David Clarke Railway Trust. 1958
No. M51616
British Rail Class 127 DMBS
M51622 is at loughbrough receiving overhaul. M59276 is a Class 120the sole survivor, which we hope to return to traffic in the future. M51616 (which also carries the name "Alf Benny") was started up again in Mid 2011, after months of struggling and hard work both power cars can move under their own power; they will hopefully return to traffic mid-2012. A page has been set up charting the progress of the unit's restoration, with regular updates, anc can be found at: BR Lined Green. Red Triangle Society. 1959
Stored or static
No. E50193
British Rail Class 101 DMBS Stored out of action in Swithland Sidings. With Green Goddess in better condition, the wait to return to service could be pushed back even further. BR Blue and Grey. Renaissance Railcars. 1957 ~
No. E50266 British Rail Class 101 DMCL Operated for a short period with the other 101 units, but eventually fell out of favour. However in 2010, the front end was repaired & awaits repainting WD Camouflage Green. Renaissance Railcars. 1957
No. W51138
British Rail Class 116 DMBS
Awaiting a major overhaul, after running for a period in the mid-Noughties, and work could begin when the 108 unit is completed. W59501 is a Class 117 unit. BR Lined Green. Pressed Steel Heritage Ltd. 1958/1960
No. E59575 British Rail Class 111 TSLRB Awaiting restoration, but is owned by the same group custodian of the 101 units, so may be restored to match one of the sets. N/A. Renaissance Railcars. 1960

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