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When Silesia was German, the influence of neighboring countries was clear in Silesian cooking; Polish carp and cheeses, Bohemian goulash, Austrian sausage and Pfefferkuchen (pepper cakes). Schnapps was very commonly drunk with beer in Silesia. There was an old saying that went "Silesia has two principal rivers, Schnapps and the river Oder".

Name Image Type Description
Schlesisches Himmelreich Main course Lt.:Silesian Heaven: a dish of pork belly with dried fruits and cinnamon.
Kartoffelsuppe Soup or stew A stew made with raw potatoes and other ingredients such as vegetables and sausage.
Gänsebraten (Roast goose) Main course Roasted goosed traditionally served with potatoes and/or Klöße with gravy and vegetables.
Schlesische Kartoffelklöße Main course Silesian potatoes dumplings.
Breslauer Leckerbissen Cookies Lt.: Breslau 'sweet bites'
Schlesischer Striezel Cake Silesian Christmas cake made from yeast dough.
Schlesischer Mohnstollen (Silesian poppy cake) Cake Silesian Christmas cake made from yeast dough and filled with poppy seeds.
Liegnitzer Bomben Pastry/Cookie Honey cakes from Liegnitz honey cakes.

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