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Famous Dishes

Name Type
Aachener Printen Aachen A type of Lebkuchen that is typical for the city of Aachen.
Bratkartoffeln Throughout Germany Fried potatoes, often with diced bacon and/or onions
Bratwurst Throughout Germany Sausage that is usually composed of veal, pork or beef. Basically a traditional German sausage. Not to be confused with curry wurst.
Currywurst Berlin, Rhine-Ruhr This large-format, fried or grilled sausage is cut into thick slices and seasoned with spicy ketchup and generous amounts of curry powder, usually served with french fries — a popular snack originating in early 1950s Berlin. Both Bockwurst-style (i.e. intended to be boiled) and Bratwurst-style (i.e. intended to be grilled or fried) sausages are used, depending on region, and the use of one or the other is a matter for much debate among Currywurst gourmets. Currywurst remains one of most popular fast foods in Germany, especially in Berlin and the Rhine-Ruhr area, but the Döner kebab is gaining rapidly in popularity.
Hendl Throughout Germany Whole grilled chicken marinated with pepper and other spices this dish is known as Brathühnchen, Brathähnchen, and in eastern Germany, also as Broiler.
Hasenpfeffer A stew made from marinated rabbit
Kartoffelsalat Northern Germany and Southwest Germany Potato salad, which comes in many varieties, for example in a cream or mayonnaise dressing (northern Germany) or even in meat broth (southwest Germany), is often served as a side dish to Bratwurst or boiled sausages).
Königsberger Klopse East-Prussian: city of Königsberg Cooked meatballs served in a white sauce with capers
Kohlroulade Throughout Germany German-style cabbage rolls
Marzipan Throughout Germany E.g. Lübeck-style, widely used in Christmas specialities
Mettbrötchen A kind of sandwich made with raw Meat on bread rolls (Brötchen), frequently with a garnish of raw onion rings
Pellkartoffeln Throughout Germany Potatoes boiled or steamed before peeling (young potatoes may be eaten unpeeled), served with Quark and linseed oil, butter, or as a side dish with herring)
Pfefferpotthast Westfalia Peppered beef stew
Rouladen Throughout Germany A roulade of bacon and onions wrapped in thinly sliced beef
Sauerbraten Rhineland A beef pot roast marinated in vinegar, water, spices and seasonings
Sauerkraut Throughout Germany Fermented shredded cabbage
Schweinshaxe Pork hock served grilled and crispy with Sauerkraut or boiled as Eisbein
Spanferkel Throughout Germany A grilled whole young pig, usually eaten in a large company of friends or guests
Speckpfannkuchen Large, thin pancakes with diced, fried bacon
Spätzle Southern Germany These hand-made noodles are very popular and are an important ingredient of several dishes, such as Linsen mit Spätzle or Käsespätzle.
Stollen Dresden A bread-like cake with dried citrus peel, dried fruit, nuts, and spices such as cardamom and cinnamon; it is usually eaten during the Christmas season as Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen. The best-known Stollen is from Dresden and is sold at the Striezelmarkt Christmas market, which derives its name from the cake.
Weihnachtsgans Throughout Germany A roasted goose is traditionally consumed on December 24 Christmas Day.
Knödel (also known as Kloß, depending on region) Throughout Germany German dumplings; many different variations:
  • Semmelknödel (dumplings made with bread crumbs)
  • Rohe Kartoffelknödel - dumplings made from potatoes not cooked prior to forming and boiling the Knödel
  • Gekochte Kartoffelknödel - dumplings made from potatoes cooked prior to forming and boiling the Knödel
  • Halb-und-halb Kartoffelknödel: half the potatoes are cooked first, the other half are not
  • Halbseidene

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