List of Football Players With A Premier League Winner's Medal

List Of Football Players With A Premier League Winner's Medal

Since the formation of the FA Premier League in 1992, only five football teams have won the title - Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City. With twelve wins to their name, it is unsurprising that Manchester United players hold the top positions for being in title-winning sides.

Currently, a player needs to appear in 10 matches in a title-winning season to qualify for a medal (inclusive of matches as a playing substitute):

The League Champions shall further receive 21 commemorative medals to be presented by the Club to its Manager and to such of its Players and Officials as it thinks fit provided, in the case of a Player, that he has that Season played in a minimum of 10 of its League Matches. Additional medals may be presented with the consent of the Board. —2010–11 FA Premier League Handbook, Section B, paragraph 27. p.82.

This "special dispensation", at the discretion of the Premier League Board, is usually reserved for reserve goalkeepers, and outfield players who have played fewer than 10 games due to injury.

For the first season, the players received a miniature version of the trophy rather than a medal.

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