List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - S


Calvin Samson

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • Vice President under President Patricia Caldwell
  • In reality was a terrorist double agent who took an active role in the Third Echelon conspiracy aiming to assassinate the President so that he could assume power.
  • Shot by rogue agent Sam Fisher and left for the authorities.

James Sandecker

  • Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels
  • Former Head of NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency).
  • Vice President to President Ward when the Vice President suddenly died in office.

Bud Sauer

  • Phi Kappa Sigma's West Wing: Frat Life
  • Vice President to Alfred Victor DuPont
  • Party: Conservative Republican
  • Scudwise Gamgi - Shredder Extraordinaire

Paul Saxon

  • Shadow Conspiracy (1997 film)
  • Plotted to kill President Manchester and take his place, but was accidentally killed during the assassination attempt.
  • Played by: Ben Gazzara

Cletus Spuckler

  • The Simpsons "Future-Drama" episode
  • A native of Springfield, Delroy becomes Vice President at an unspecified future date.
  • Is invited to attend the funeral of the Sultan of Brunei.

Greg Stillson

  • Vice President in The Dead Zone, based on the novel by Stephen King
  • Seen in a vision by Johnny Smith as succeeding to the White House and causing Armageddon.
  • The series ended before Stillson sought White House.
  • Played by Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Also portrayed in the movie version by Martin Sheen, although he remained an unsuccessful Senate Candidate.


  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Served as Vice President to President Donnelly.
  • Forced by Donnelly to resign after a scandal.

Dan Sullivan

  • Moonfall by Jack McDevitt
  • Is briefly mentioned in the novel as almost succeeding to the presidency after President Wes Hamlin nearly resigns following an assassination attempt that left him paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Convinced President Hamlin not to resign.
  • Former senator from Georgia.
  • Party: Republican

June Syers

  • The Kid Who Ran For President (1996 children's book by Dan Gutman)
  • Vice president under Judson Moon, who was the youngest American president at age thirteen.
  • Elected on the "Moon and June" ticket in 2000.
  • Became the first African American and female president after President Moon resigned in 2002.

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