List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - R


Frank Ramirez

  • Mathematicians in Love
  • Described as "an unpleasant character dogged by rumors of graft and personal violence."

Nathan Ramirez

  • American Hero
  • 47th Vice President of the United States.
  • Vice President for Aaron Sims, and first VP for the Sims administration.
  • Sworn in as Vice President in 2009 after he and Sims won the election with 75% of the vote.
  • Resigned his third year in office due to a scandal that plagued him from the years he served as a Senator. It involved an illegal wiring of money out of the First Liberty Savings and Loans to fund his reelection.
  • James Denning, a one term Junior Senator out of California took over as Vice President and went on to be reelected with the President.
  • Nathan Ramirez was a two term senior senator of North Carolina from 2000–2008 and a three term congressman from 1994-2000.
  • Party: Independent Republican

Caroline Reynolds

  • Prison Break
  • Written by Paul Scheuring, played by Patricia Wettig.
  • Served as Vice President under President Richard Mills. He apparently chose her because she was a woman though he disapproved of her excessive ambition.
  • Collaborated with "The Company" to fake the death of her brother, Terrence Steadman, and frame Lincoln Burrows for his murder.
  • When the Company turns against her and President Mills refuses to support her bid for the presidency, she arranges his assassination, thereby becoming President.

Donald Reyes

  • Vice President in: The Genesis Machine, a 1978 novel by James P. Hogan
  • Reyes is Vice President in a near future where a western alliance is under pressure from and losing territory in a domino-effect to an African-Asian axis. A theoretical scientist creates a new mathematical model of the universe, and in doing so, creates an untraceable weapon that can restore the balance of world power.
  • Instead of using the weapon to give superiority to the west, while President George Sherman stands by in shock, the scientist destroys all foreign weapons of mass destruction worldwide. Since Sherman does not counter-launch western missiles, Reyes takes command and launches a full strike.
  • When the scientist uses his weapon to destroy all western missiles, Sherman takes back the Presidency in time for an enforced world wide peace.
  • Party: Not mentioned

Mark Ross (elect)

  • Act of Treason by Vince Flynn
  • Three-term senator from Connecticut and hawkish Director of National Intelligence
  • Paired with Presidential nominee Governor Josh Alexander of Georgia
  • Corrupt and power-driven, arranged the assassination of Alexander's unfaithful wife to guarantee an election win
  • Party: Democrat

Pete Ross

  • DC Comics Universe
  • Running mate of Lex Luthor for the Tomorrow Party
  • Becomes President following Luthor's impeachment

Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell

  • The West Wing
  • Written by Carol Flint and Debora Cahn, played by Gary Cole.
  • Served eight years as Colorado member of the House of Representatives, regarded as a political lightweight, succeeds John Hoynes.
  • Unanimously confirmed by Congress, under the 25th amendment.
  • Sought nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate, losing to Texas Representative Matt Santos.
  • Home State: Colorado

Jack Ryan (acting)

  • Debt of Honor (1994 novel, written by Tom Clancy)
  • Deputy CIA Director under President Bennett
  • National Security Advisor under President Durling
  • Less than 10 minutes after being confirmed as vice-president, President Durling and nearly the entire Cabinet and Congress are wiped out by a terrorist who crashes a 747 into the Capitol building.
  • Party: Independent
  • Home State: Maryland

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