List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - P


Perley Pell

  • It Can't Happen Here (1935 novel) by Sinclair Lewis
  • A hack politician who serves as Vice President for fascist President Buzz Windrip

Frito Pendejo

  • Idiocracy (film)
  • A public defender called upon to defend a man named Not Sure in court, Frito gains access to the White House when Not Sure is appointed Secretary of the Interior in the year 2505. When Frito and Not Sure help solve the national dust bowl crisis and the economic travails caused by the collapse of the Brawndo sports drink conglomerate, they are given the popularity to be voted to succeed the outgoing administration of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.
  • Played by: Dax Shepard

Graham Perkins

  • Fire, a novel by Alan Rodgers
  • After the incumbent President announces he is preparing to initiate Armageddon, Perkins is pulled from his limousine and lynched.
  • When a virus that brings the dead back to life spreads across the globe, it infects Perkins' corpse. With Perkins still hanging, he revives and dies several times before finally being rescued by the members of the same cult the President (now permanently dead after being assassinated via explosion and fire) belonged to.
  • He manages to escape them and makes his way to the lab where the virus began. In the end, he returns to Washington to assume office.

Jim Prescott

  • 24, (television series, 2001), 24: The Game (video game, 2006)
  • Vice president to David Palmer. Temporarily became Acting President when David Palmer was removed during season 2 of 24. When Palmer was reluctant to take action against three Middle Eastern nations who were implicated in a terrorist plot by an audio recording, the 25th Amendment was invoked and Prescott became President. It should be noted that no letters were sent to Congress and Prescott counted on public opinion to retroactively endorse this action. The recording was later found to be false and Prescott relinquished the presidency back to Palmer and again became vice president. Palmer forgave Prescott and the Cabinet members who had sided against him and did not accept their offer of resignation.
  • Following an attempt on Palmer's life, Prescott once again became Acting President while Palmer recovered from his injuries. Prescott himself would survive an assassination attempt orchestrated by the same individuals who had targeted Palmer.
  • Party: Democrat
  • Played by: Alan Dale

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