List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - K


Edward 'Ed' Kealty

  • Vice President to Roger Durling in Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy
  • Resigns due to a sex scandal and is replaced by Jack Ryan
  • When Durling and most of the rest of the government is killed, Kealty has an ally steal his resignation from the Secretary of State's desk. Kealty then claims he never formally resigned and attempts to have himself named President instead.
  • Home State: Massachusetts

Warren Keaton

  • Commander in Chief (television series, 2005)
  • Created by American director Rod Lurie, played by Peter Coyote
  • Ran for Vice President on the Democratic ticket against Teddy Bridges and Mackenzie Allen two years prior to being appointed to the office by President Allen.
  • Resigned as Vice President after several months on the job following his wife's diagnosis with ovarian cancer.

Walter Kelly

  • The Enemy Within (1994 film and loosely based on the novel Seven Days in May)
  • Serves under President Bill Foster.
  • An elderly and corrupt politician, he takes part in a scandal orchestrated by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense to remove President Foster by using fake military exercises to cause an international incident.
  • After a young colonel discovers the scandal, Vice President Kelly, along with the other two involved, are removed from their positions and are most likely incarcerated for treason.

Robert Kinsey

  • Stargate SG-1 (television series)
  • Played by Ronny Cox
  • Indiana Senator Robert Kinsey becomes Vice President in the Season Seven episode "Inauguration" but was forced to resign in "Lost City, Part 2".
  • Also held the Presidency in alternate timelines ("2010", "Moebius")

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