List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - H


William "Bill" Haney

  • My Fellow Americans
  • Vice president under President Russell P. Kramer before defeating incumbent President Matt Douglas. Later forced to resign.
  • Played by: Dan Aykroyd
  • Party: Republican

Laine Billings Hanson

  • The Contender
  • Played by Joan Allen
  • An atheist Democratic senator from Ohio. She is chosen to be Vice President after Troy Ellerd, the Vice President of two-term Democratic President Jackson Evans, dies. Her nomination is contested due a scandal involving a possible orgy she performed in while in college.

Arne Eino Haugen

  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Thanks to unprecedented emergency powers, he is appointed Vice President by the sitting President Donnelly, who immediately resigns.
  • Total term of office as VP: Less than one minute.

Richard Hawk

  • Vice President in Metal Wolf Chaos
  • Launches a coup d'état to turn America into his military dictatorship, and is opposed by President Michael Wilson

Preston Holmes

  • Vice President in: The Oasis Project, a 1981 novel by David Stuart Arthur
  • Once President Eldon Parker is elected, he states that he will only serve one term, but secretly funds weapon program to create high-tech 2nd generation shuttles and weapons in order to eliminate population centres world wide and create a new Pax-Americana.
  • In a final attempt to stop the launch of the first-strike attack, Holmes is shot and killed by Parker's guards in the presidential bunker.
  • Party: Not mentioned

John Hoynes

  • The West Wing (television series, 1999)
  • Created and written by Aaron Sorkin, played by Tim Matheson.
  • Hoynes attended Southern Methodist University, speaks fluent French, was a lawyer and former senator from Texas. He served in the Senate for about eight years. He opposed New Hampshire governor Josiah Bartlet in the 1998 Democratic primary. During the 1998 Democratic National Convention in Miami, Bartlet convinced Hoynes to be his running mate; Hoynes delivered the South except Texas.
  • Hoynes resigned after a sex scandal in 2003, wrote his own autobiography called Full Disclosure, and attempted to gain his party's nomination for the presidency in 2006. His political career ended after failing to win the nomination, due to another sex scandal and the loss of most of his delegates to Governor Eric Baker at the 2006 Democratic National Convention.
  • Centrist Democrat
  • Home State: Texas

Steven Humes

  • Appears in the Tom Clancy novel Politika.
  • A very strict and straightforward elderly vice president serving under President Bill Ballard.
  • Becomes acting president after President Ballard is injured in an assassination attempt.
  • Party: Democrat

Mitchell Hundred

  • Appears in the comic book Ex Machina.
  • Previously served as mayor of New York City.
  • As world's only superhero, interceded on 9/11 and stopped United Flight 175 from crashing into the World Trade Center, but considered himself a failure because he was too late to stop American Airlines Flight 11.
  • A civil engineer, granted superpowers with the intent that he act as vanguard for invaders from a parallel Earth.
  • Served under John McCain.
  • Party: Republican

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