List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - C



  • Vice President in Give Me Liberty
  • Vice President to Erwin Rexall, Cargo, along with Rexall and most of the Cabinet, are assassinated by a terrorist bombing.

Karen Carmichael

  • Vice President in Jack & Bobby; played by Tess Harper
  • Former Vice President under former President Robert McCallister.
  • Resigns early in the second term, possibly due to an affair with the president, a married man.

Tim Cassidy

  • Vice President in: Promises to Keep, a novel by George Bernau
  • Cassidy is a roman à clef representation of Robert F. Kennedy. Cassidy is Attorney General in an alternate history in which his brother, President John T. Cassidy, survives a November 1963 assassination attempt.
  • Cassidy, seriously wounded, allows Gardner to assume the presidency and run for re-election in 1964, on the condition that he name Tim Cassidy as vice president, against the threat of directly supporting Tim for president.
  • Vice President Cassidy insists on being flown over the battlefield to see for himself how the Vietnam war is progressing, over strenuous protest of the military command. He is killed when the helicopter carrying him is shot down.

Joyce Clemente

  • Vice President in FlashForward; played by Barbara Williams
  • Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee before being named as vice president
  • In her vision, saw herself as President in April 2010

Hillary Clinton

  • The Simpsons Movie
  • Stood as Vice President to Itchy in the beginning of the movie.

Fred Collier

  • Political Animals
  • Prior to entering politics, Collier served for three decades with the CIA and eventually became the agency's director. He was selected as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate by Senator Paul Garcetti as Collier had influence over the party's conservative wing, whose votes Garcetti needed
  • Upon taking office, Collier fought a power battle with Secretary of State Elaine Barrish whom he resented for having more influence in government than he did.
  • In late 2010, Collier blackmailed Republican Congressman Sean Reeves into backing an administration bill after he procured evidence of Reeve's closeted homosexuality and affair with Barrish's son, T.J Hammond, which indirectly led to T.J attempting suicide and led to T.J's father, former President Bud Hammond punching Collier in the Oval Office upon learning of Collier's blackmail.
  • Collier looked set to be dropped as Vice President by Garcetti after he learned of the blackmail, but Garcetti died when Air Force One crashed due to a technical fault in mid 2011, leaving Collier as the new President
  • Party: Democratic
  • Played by: Dylan Baker

James Colligan

  • Vice President in The Intirn (novel)
  • Plots to assassinate outgoing President Payne and the new administration on Inauguration Day, therefore making off with the national treasury and initiating nuclear warfare with China
  • Arrested in Honolulu by Admiral Jack Farrago; loses vice presidency after George Granger is sworn in
  • Sentenced to death by the Supreme Court on accounts of treason and a threat to national security
  • Political Party: Republican

Ann Coulter

  • The 1/2 Hour News Hour
  • Coulter portrays herself
  • Served as Vice President to Rush Limbaugh

Thomas M. Cromwell

  • Vice President in: The General's President by John Dalmas
  • Formerly Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Nicknamed "Jumper"
  • Does not want the job, but feels compelled to serve after getting Arne Haugen named President.
  • Steps down in favor of Rudolfo Valenzuela

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