List of Fictional Vice Presidents of The United States - B


Eric Baker (designate)

  • The West Wing
  • Played by: Ed O'Neill.
  • Home State: Pennsylvania
  • Party: Democrat
  • Governor of Pennsylvania
  • Chose not to run in the 2006 presidential election because of family reasons. However, Former White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry suspects it is because he does not want to run against Republican Arnold Vinick.
  • Despite earlier statement, he announced presidential candidacy during the Democratic National Convention and almost won the Democratic nomination. However, Democratic rival and Vice-President Bob Russell revealed to the press that Baker's wife, Dorothy "Dottie" Baker, suffers from Clinical Depression, something which Baker did not disclose to voters.
  • Lost Democratic Nomination for President to Texas congressman, Matt Santos.
  • When Santos' Vice-President elect, Leo McGarry, dies of a massive heart attack on election night. Santos decides to give the Vice-Presidency to Baker under the terms of the twenty-fifth amendment.

Sherman Baxter

  • Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn
  • Temporary President when President Hayes is trapped in a bunker during an assault on the White House
  • Chief of Staff Dallas King, close friend of Attorney General Marge Tutwiler
  • Forced not to run as Vice President at the next election after Hayes is saved, due to his unpopularity
  • Criticized by Secret Service Director Alex Tracy
  • Home state was California
  • Party: Democrat

Raymond Becker

  • The Day After Tomorrow (2004 film)
  • Written by Roland Emmerich and Jeffrey Nachmanoff, directed by Roland Emmerich, played by Kenneth Welsh.
  • Succeeds to presidency upon death of the president, Becker does not believe information about the coming global warming-inspired crisis.

Kathryn Bennett

  • Air Force One (1997 film)
  • Written by Andrew W. Marlowe, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, played by Glenn Close.
  • Former Congresswoman from New Jersey and trial attorney (according to the novel by Max Alan Collins)
  • A female vice president, Bennett is loyal to President James Marshall throughout the Air Force One hijacking crisis. The cabinet unanimously encourages invoking Section 4 of the 25th amendment to the Constitution because the president is in enemy hands (thus having severely compromised judgement).
  • Bennett refused to sign the Cabinet document which would remove the President, showing her loyalty to Marshall.
  • Bennett was commanding operations from the White House Situation Room, alongside Secretary of Defense Walter Dean and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Northwood.

Daniel Bird

  • Fallout 2
  • Vice President under Dick Richardson, who is President in the 23rd century following World War III
  • Has difficulty spelling
  • Is a reference to Dan Quayle

Hosea Blackford

  • American Empire: Blood and Iron by Harry Turtledove
  • Vice President from 1921-1929 under President Upton Sinclair
  • Elected President in 1928, narrowly defeating Democrat Calvin Coolidge, only to be defeated in a landslide by Coolidge in 1932.
  • Home State was Dakota. (in Harry Turtledove's "Southern Victory" series timeline, the present-day states of North and South Dakota never came into existence, and their combined territory instead comprised the single state of Dakota)
  • Party: Socialist

Spaulding Burke

  • Hitman: Blood Money
  • Died in a suspicious car crash
  • Replaced as Vice President by Daniel Morris

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