List of Doctor Who Serials By Setting - Vague or Unspecified Dates - Gallifrey Adventures

Gallifrey Adventures

The time period in which these adventures take place is not specifically stated.

Story Doctor Year aired
The War Games (episode 10) 2nd 1969
Colony in Space 3rd 1971
The Three Doctors (Gallifrey scenes) 1st 1973
The Deadly Assassin 4th 1976
The Invasion of Time 1978
Arc of Infinity (partly) 5th 1983
The Five Doctors
The Trial of a Time Lord:
The Mysterious Planet (trial scenes)
Mindwarp (trial scenes)
Terror of the Vervoids (trial scenes)
The Ultimate Foe
6th 1986
"The Sound of Drums" (young Master flashback) 10th 2007
"The End of Time" (Time Lord President council scenes and young Master flashback) 2009–2010

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