List of Companies in Lincolnshire - Defunct Companies (former)

Defunct Companies (former)

  • Allis-Chalmers - Tractors and construction machinery factory
  • Appleby-Frodingham Steel Company - Absorbed into British Steel now Corus
  • Aveling-Barford - Former engineering company based in Grantham
  • Aveling and Porter - Steam rollers (became Aveling-Barford)
  • Autocast - non-ferrous foundry in Bourne, supplying casings to the car industry.
  • Blackstone & Co - Blacksmiths & early engine manufacturer
  • BMARC - Former armaments designers and manufacture
  • British Racing Motors (BRM) - Racing cars
  • Lister-Blackstone - Engine & agricultural machinery builders at Stamford
  • Clayton & Shuttleworth - former Steam and agricultural machinery builders
  • English Racing Automobiles - Former race car builder
  • Field Marshall - Brand of tractors built by Marshall, Sons & Co. Ltd of Gainsborough
  • Marshall, Sons & Co. - Former Steam engine & tractor manufacturer
  • Priestman Brothers - Crane & excavator builders
  • Rinovia Steam Fishing Company Ltd. - Former fishing fish distribution company
  • Richard Hornsby & Sons - Former Engineering firm
  • Ruston (engine builder) - Former Stationary engine & locomotive manufacturer
  • Ruston, Proctor and Company - Former Steam engine builder
  • Ruston-Bucyrus Former manufacture of Excavators & Steam shovels
  • Sanderson Forklifts - Forklift manufacturer based near Skegness
  • Twilleys - Embroidery products fron Stamford
  • William Foster & Co. - Former agricultural engineers and steam engine builders

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