List of Civil Engineers - C


Name Notability References
Santiago Calatrava Spanish architect: skyscrapers, bridges, train stations
Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo Spanish Prime Minister
Ian McDonald Campbell British civil engineer
Harold Camping Civil engineer and end times prophecy maker
Frederick William Cappelen American engineer, designed the Cappelen Memorial Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Albert Caquot French civil engineer
Edgar Cardoso Portuguese civil engineer and professor
Arthur Casagrande Civil engineer specialising in geotechnics
Giovanni Domenico Cassini 17th and 18th century astronomer and engineer of papal fortifications
Heberto Castillo Martínez Mexican engineer, writer, social leader and political activist. Inventor of the composite material Tridilosa.
Augustin Louis Cauchy French mathematician
Louis-Alexandre de Cessart French bridge builder
Octave Chanute 19th century American railroad engineer and aviation pioneer
Joseph Chaley French suspension bridge designer
Lemuel Chenoweth American covered bridge designer
Edwin Clark designer of the Anderton Boat Lift
William Tierney Clark English engineer in mid 19th century; suspension bridges
Barry Clarke British geotechnical engineer
G. Wayne Clough Former president of the Georgia Institute of Technology and current secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.
Reginald Coates British civil engineer and academic
Abraham Burton Cohen American civil engineer
Joseph Colaco American structural engineer
Henry Conybeare English civil engineer and architect, responsible for creating a clean water supply to Mumbai
John Coode English engineer, notable for work on Portland Harbour
Theodore Cooper American civil engineer, supervisor of Quebec Bridge
Hugues Cosnier 17th century French canal engineer
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb physicist who also developed methods for retaining wall design
Peter Arthur Cox British civil engineer
Henry Cronin British civil engineer
Hardy Cross American engineer in 20th century. Notable for the developer of the moment distribution method
Joseph Cubitt Designer of Blackfriars Railway Bridge
William Cubitt English engineer in 19th century.
Carl Culmann German Engineer in mid 19th century. Notable for graphical pioneering statical methods.

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