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CHERUB 2 Series

  • Ryan Sharma is described as Arabic and handsome in appearance, and physically strong (like all CHERUBs). He wears a grey t-shirt.
Sharma's father worked in the oil industry as a geologist. After drinking and gambling problems led him into debt, he was found dead under some rubbish. Sharma's mother brought Ryan and his brothers to the UK in 2009, bluffing her way into a private cancer treatment program. She was kicked out when she could not pay and died shortly afterwards.

  • Fu Ning was adopted by Choaxiang and Ingrid from an orphanage in Dandong when she was young. She was sent to Miss Xu's boarders and attended Dandong Lower School Number 18. When Ning was 11, Choaxiang was arrested for corruption and human trafficking. Police searched for Ning's mother, Ingrid, who was also involved, but they escaped to Kyrgyzstan. They were caught by a clan called Aramov who wanted their wealth. Ingrid was beaten to death but Ning escaped after a gang member pitied her and took her home.

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