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Other Characters

  • Ross Johnson is a police psychologist who looks after Dante for a while. He later becomes Chief of Police and calls in CHERUB to work against the Brigands.
  • Fahim McAfferty, originally named Fahim Bin Hassam, is the son of Hassam Bin Hassam, a suspect in the crash of a jet airliner. He was adopted by former chairman Dr. Terence McAfferty. He failed CHERUB entry tests due to talking in his sleep. Lauren Adams was saddened by this because she was fond of Fahim.
  • April Moore first appears in Class A. She is Keith Moore's daughter and Junior Moore's twin sister. Nicole befriends her as per the mission and the two get along really well. She later becomes James's girlfriend (briefly) before being dumped in favor of Kerry. James's watch, which was with her, is crushed and sent back to him with a note "Hope you die slowly - April". She reappears in Mad Dogs briefly. She holds a grudge against James for dumping her when she was so infatuated by him. She is also worried about Junior as he is getting into a lot of trouble. She truly cares for Junior and Julie, her mother.

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