List of American Civil War Generals

List Of American Civil War Generals

The list of American Civil War (Civil War) generals has been divided into five articles: an introduction on this page, a list of Union Army generals, a list of Union brevet generals, a list of Confederate Army generals and a list of prominent acting Confederate States Army generals.

The American Civil War (April 1861–May 1865) pitted the forces of the northern "Union" or "Free" states against those of the southern "Confederate states". Long simmering sectional antagonisms and differences centered on the possible abolition of slavery but including competing understandings of federalism, party politics, expansionism, sectionalism, tariffs, economics, values and social structures were brought to a head by the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States in November 1860 and led to the Civil War.

A longer than usual introduction is desirable for these lists because a description of the leadership of the small pre-Civil War U.S. Army and what became of those leaders not only shows that many inexperienced men had to become Civil War generals, but that more men with some military training and experience were available than may be commonly believed. The identification as generals of some officers who served in the Civil War armies is disputed and controversial,as some generals or groups of generals have some background or service details in common.

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List Of American Civil War Generals - Identification of American Civil War Generals - Generals in The Lists
... The lists of Union and Confederate general show the 583 Union Army generals and the 425 Confederate Army generals included in the Wright War Department memos and Mr ... books at their highest grades achieved during the course of the war ... The lists thus include the 554 to 564 Union generals and 398 to 401 Confederate generals identified as actual, substantive generals by most historians, including the Eichers, and at least some of ...

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