List - Enumerations


  • Any enumeration of a set of items
  • A list of comma-separated values, a common way of listing in everyday life and computing
  • A mailing list
  • An electronic mailing list
  • An electoral list
  • List (abstract data type), or sequence, in computer science
  • Task lists, a list of tasks to be completed
  • Listicle, an article in list format

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... They can be assigned or initialized to the named values defined by the enumeration type ... Color myColors = Color.Green
C++11 - Core Language Usability Enhancements - Strongly Typed Enumerations
... In C++03, enumerations are not type-safe ... They are effectively integers, even when the enumeration types are distinct ... is implementation-defined code that depends on the size of the enumeration is therefore non-portable ...
Enumeration in Set Theory - Enumeration in Countable Vs. Uncountable Context - Properties
... There exists an enumeration for a set (in this sense) if and only if the set is countable ... it will have an uncountable infinity of different enumerations, except in the degenerate cases of the empty set or (depending on the precise definition) sets with one element ... However, if one requires enumerations to be injective and allows only a limited form of partiality such that if ƒ(n) is defined then ƒ(m) must be ...