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Literary Works

Li contributed to the Book of Sui and Book of Jin, which cover the history of the Sui and Jin dynasties. He wrote about the discoveries in astrology, metrology, and music. These are the official histories of the periods. The book Massage-Chart Prophecies is generally credited to Li. The book is a collaboration of attempts to predict the future using numerology. Therefore, Li is often thought of as being a prophet. The book gets it title from a poem near the end, discussing how much time it would take to tell the story of thousands of years, it would be better to take a break and enjoy a massage. Li wrote a book discussing the importance of astrology in Chinese culture called Yisizhan in 645. This is around when he would have been working on the Linde calendar. Yet another of is works is Commentary on and Introduction to the Gold Lock and the Flowing Pearls. In this book he describes Taoist customs that was probably part of influence from his father.

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