Li Chunfeng

Li Chunfeng (simplified Chinese: 李淳风; traditional Chinese: 李淳風; pinyin: Lǐ Chúnfèng; Wade–Giles: Li Ch'un-feng) (602–670) was a Chinese mathematician, astronomer, and historian who was born in today's Baoji, Shaanxi during the Sui and Tang dynasties. He was first appointed to the Imperial Astronomy Bureau to help institute a calendar reform. He eventually ascended to deputy of the Imperial Astronomy Bureau and designed the Linde calendar. His father was an educated state official and also a Taoist. Li died in Chang'an in 670.

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Li Chunfeng - Literary Works
... Li contributed to the Book of Sui and Book of Jin, which cover the history of the Sui and Jin dynasties ... book Massage-Chart Prophecies is generally credited to Li ... Therefore, Li is often thought of as being a prophet ...