Lezgian Language - Vocabulary - Numbers


The numbers of Lezgian are: уд ud - zero

сад sad - one

кьвед qʷ’ed - two

пуд pud - three

кьуд q’ud - four

вад vad - five

ругуд rugud - six

ирид irid - seven

муьжуьд myʒyd - eight

кIуьд k’yd - nine

цIуд ts’ud- ten

цIусад ts’usad - eleven

цIикьвед ts’iqʷ’ed - twelve

цIипуд ts’ipud - thirteen

цIикьуд ts’iq’ud - fourteen

цIувад ts’uvad - fifteen

цIуругуд ts’urugud - sixteen

цIерид ts’erid - seventeen

цIемуьжуьд ts’emyʒud - eighteen

цIекIуьд ts’ek’yd - nineteen

къад qad - twenty

qadtsud - thirty

яхцIур jaxts’ur - forty

jaxtsurtsud - fifty

пудкъад pudqad - sixty

pudqadtsud - seventy

кьудкъад q’udqal - eighty

qudqaltsud - ninety

виш viʃ - one hundred

агъзур aɣeur - one thousand

Nouns following a number are always in the singular. Numbers precede the noun. "сад" and "кьвед" loose their final "-д" before a noun.

Lezgian numerals work in a similar fashion to the French ones, and are based on the vigesimal system in which "20", not "10", is the base number. "Twenty" in Lezgian is "къад", and higher numbers are formed by adding the suffix -ни to the word (which becomes "къанни" - the same change occurs in пудкъад and кьудкъад) and putting the remaining number afterwards. This way 24 for instance is къанни кьуд "20 and 4" and 37 къанни цIерид "20 and 17". Numbers over 40 are formed similarly (яхцIур becomes яхцIурни). 60 and 80 are treated likewise. For numbers over 100 we just put a number of hundreds then (if need be) the word with a suffix, then the remaining number 659 is thus ругуд вишни яхцIурни цIекIуьд'. The same procedure follows for 1000, too... 1989 is агьзурни кIуьд вишни кьудкъанни кIуьд in Lezgi

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