Lezgian Language

Lezgian Language

Lezgian, also called Lezgi or Lezgin, is a language that belongs to the Lezgic languages. It is spoken by the Lezgins, who live in southern Dagestan and northern Azerbaijan. Lezgian is a literary language and an official language of Dagestan. It is classified as "vulnerable" by UNESCO's Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger.

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Lezgian Language - Vocabulary - Numbers
... The numbers of Lezgian are уд ud - zero Lezgian numerals work in a similar fashion to the French ones, and are based on the vigesimal system in which "2 ... Twenty" in Lezgian is "къад", and higher numbers are formed by adding the suffix -ни to the word (which becomes "къанни" - the same ...

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