Legend Films

Legend Films, a San Diego-based company, was founded in August 2001. The company specializes in the conversion of feature films, both new release and catalog titles, and commercials from their native 2D format into 3-D film format utilizing proprietary technology and software . The company started business providing restoration and colorization of classic black-and-white films for DVD, HDTV and theatrical release. However, with the refocusing of the company efforts to the 3D conversion business, the company officially changed names to Legend3D, Inc. in the summer of 2010.

Legend3D has performed 3D conversion on a number of high-profile projects including feature film work for Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros., and Sony Imageworks, as well as commercial work for HP, Fanta, New Balance, and M&M/Mars, television work on television show "Chuck" and for MTV and special feature work for the Michael Jackson "This is it" tour.

Legend3D also continues to support its two legacy businesses. The first, Legend Films Home Entertainment Distribution, produces and distributes DVDs of films and video content that have been colorized from their original black-and-white format. The second, RiffTrax, is an innovative web 2.0 business from the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000, that offers humorous audio commentaries. The Rifftrax are available in MP3 files for blockbuster movies, and DVDs for titles in the Legend Films library.

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Legend Films - Notable Releases
... Legend Films has collaborated with Shirley Temple, Jane Russell, Terry Moore and Ray Harryhausen on independent releases ... On April 20, 2004, Legend Films released a colorized version of Reefer Madness featuring intentionally unrealistic color schemes, playing up on the film's camp appreciation ... With the cooperation of director Richard Elfman, Legend released a colorized version of Forbidden Zone on July 29, 2008 ...
Michael J. Nelson - Career - Post-MST3K
... He has commentary tracks for DVD releases of several films, including Reefer Madness, The Little Shop of Horrors, House on Haunted Hill, Plan 9 from ... Murphy and Bill Corbett, he was part of a comedy team called "The Film Crew" which has created comedy segments for N.P.R ... The first Film Crew D.V.D ...
Film Colorization - Colorization Examples, Criticism, and Controversies - Entertainment Make-overs
... See also List of black-and-white films that have been colorized Colorization in 2004 from the same film ... then Way Out West became the first black-and-white films to be redistributed in color using the colorization process ... Defenders of the process noted that it would allow black-and-white films to have new audiences of people who were not used to the format ...
Night Of The Living Dead - Revisions
... In 2004, Legend Films produced a new colorized version ... but noticed the print used was not as sharp as other releases of the film ... In 2009, Legend Films coproduced a colorized 3-D version of the film with PassmoreLab, a company that converts 2-D film into 3-D format ...
Babes In Toyland (1934 film) - Alternative Versions
... When the film was sold to television, the TV prints retained the opening credits' music but used specially made for TV opening credits showing puppets of Laurel and Hardy in traditional 1930s attire ... The complete film was restored and colorized for TV showings and video release in 1991 by The Samuel Goldwyn Company. 2006, the complete print was again restored and colorized by Legend Films, using the latest technology ...

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