Launch Game

A launch game, or launch title, is a video game released to consumers synchronously with the release of its respective video game console, meaning they are the only available games at the time of the console's launch. Several of these games are also packaged with the console. Because launch games provide first impressions of the console's features and technical abilities, they are important in the video game industry, and many launch games have been killer apps.

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Ridge Racer (series) - Games - Console Games
1995 - USA/EU), for PlayStation, similar to the arcade with an optional 3rd person view (Launch Game). 13th Racing Kid and White Angel made their grand début in this game, challenging you in the game's Time Trial mode ... was taken from the Ridge Racer 2 arcade game ...
Launch Games
... These are some popular games that debuted at launch ... Super CD-ROM² / TurboGrafx-CD (1988) — Street Fighter TurboGrafx-16 (1989 US launch) — R-Type Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis (1989 US launch) — Altered Beast and Thunder Force II Neo Geo (1 ...
Ridge Racer - Games - Handheld Games
... (not released in Japan) Ridge Racers (2004 - Japan, 2005 - USA/EU), for PlayStation Portable (Launch Game), mixed new vehicles with tracks from the previous games ... Portable followed the same formula as its predecessor with tracks featured in previous games of the series ... Ridge Racer 3D (2011), for Nintendo 3DS (Launch Game) ...

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