• (adj): Not existing.
    Example: "Innovation has been sadly lacking"
    Synonyms: missing, nonexistent, wanting
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... The holotype, CEUM 5071, is one of the specimens, a partial skeleton lacking the skull ... are the other two specimens CEUM 5072 and CEUM 5073, both fragmentary skeletons again lacking the skull ... An enlarged second foot claw was lacking ...
Philautus Dimbullae - Description
... Adult female holotype 44.8 mm SVL ... Elongated body, with dorsally convex head and flat interorbital and internarial regions ...
... Windegg may be an egg that is somehow lacking (e.g ... lacking the yolk or the shell, or a rotten or unimpregnated egg), also figurative speaking for something else that is lacking, a lacking product ...
Minority Language - Lacking Recognition in Some Countries
... Russian language official in Russia, co-official in Belarus and Kazakhstan, lacking official status in Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia (more than 25% of the population in the latter two) ... Vojvodina province (293,000 speakers), lacking official status in Romania (1,447,544 speakers, 6.7% of the population), Slovakia (520,000 speakers, approximately 10% of the population ...
X-Video Motion Compensation - Current Limitations
... is the Microsoft equivalent API for Windows), and lacking support for other video formats than MPEG-2 in Linux device drivers from Intel and NVIDIA, the XvMC API specification version 1.0 ... Lacking network transparency in the XvMC API Lacking the ability for the client application to be completely independent of which client side library needs to be used (i.e ...

More definitions of "lacking":

  • (adj): Inadequate in amount or degree.
    Example: "Lacking in stamina"
    Synonyms: deficient, wanting

Famous quotes containing the word lacking:

    The goal for all blind skiers is more freedom. You don’t have to see where you’re going, as long as you go. In skiing, you ski with your legs and not with your eyes. In life, you experience things with your mind and your body. And if you’re lacking one of the five senses, you adapt.
    Lorita Bertraun, Blind American skier. As quoted in WomenSports magazine, p. 29 (January 1976)

    Chippenhook was the home of Judge Theophilus Harrington, known for his trenchant reply to an irate slave-owner in a runaway slave case. Judge Harrington declared that the owner’s claim to the slave was defective. The owner indignantly demanded to know what was lacking in his legally sound claim. The Judge exploded, ‘A bill of sale, sir, from God Almighty!’
    —For the State of Vermont, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Feeling needy—mistaking vulnerability for weakness—doesn’t fit in with our image of what being a mother is all about. If we are needy, how can we care well for a much needier baby? There is a widespread feeling that we have to do it all alone, and if we don’t know something, or can’t manage it, or, heaven forbid, don’t want to, there is something lacking in our makeup.
    Sally Placksin (20th century)