Kuroshima or Kuro Island may refer to various Japanese islands:

  • Kuroshima, Ehime (uninhabited)
  • Kuroshima, Kagoshima, part of Mishima village
  • Kuroshima, Shimane
  • Kuroshima, Okayama
  • Kuroshima, Tokashiki, Okinawa, in Tokashiki
  • Kuroshima, Taketomi, Okinawa, one of the Yaeyama Islands, in the town of Taketomi

Other articles related to "kuroshima":

Kuroshima, Okinawa - Infrastructure
... Kuroshima can be reached by ferry from Ishigaki several times a day ... There several guest houses (minshuku) on Kuroshima ... In the village, there is a shop and a post offices which serves as a bank as well Kuroshima Lighthouse Typical landscape Nakamoto Kaigan coast Main Street of Kuroshima Village Main Street of Kuroshima Village ...
Kuroshima And Taijima
... Kuroshima and Taijima (九龍島と鯛島, Kuroshima to Taijima?) are a set of islands about one kilometer off the coast of Honshū in Japan by the mouth of the Koza River, a five minute ride by ... While there are no permanent residents of the islands, Kuroshima and Taijima are popular locations for summer vacationers, especially during the Bon Festival in late summer when people go to the island ... Kuroshima and Taijima were used for location shooting for the TV Asahi television series Ikinari Ōgon Densetsu ...
Sea Turtle Association Of Japan, Kuroshima Research Station
... Kuroshima Research Station started in 1973, under the name of the UnderwaterPark Foundation, Yaeyama Underwater Park Research Institute, for the purpose of ... 西表) Island including Kuroshima (Jap ... At present Kuroshima Research Station belongs to the NPO Sea Turtle Association of Japan ...
Ikata, Ehime - Culture - Folklore - The Rats of Kuroshima
... two small, uninhabited islands in the Uwa Sea near Yawatahama that belong to Ikata Kuroshima and Karasushima ... in the Yano area of the Iyo Province there was an island called Kuroshima ...
Militarized Streets
... shigai) is a 1930 novel by Japanese Marxist writer Kuroshima Denji (1898–1943) ... Kuroshima's novel sympathetically depicts a broad array of people, including mercilessly exploited Chinese factory workers, impoverished Japanese residents, and increasingly ... The poet and essayist Tsuboi Shigeji, Kuroshima’s lifelong friend who was instrumental in publishing the work, has commended its uncompromising anti-imperia ...