Koprulu Sector

The Koprulu Sector (from Turkish köprülü, meaning bridged) is the main setting for games and books about the fictional StarCraft universe. This sector of space was colonized by Terrans, near the edges of Protoss space. It is situated on the galactic fringe of the Milky Way, 60,000 light years from planet Earth. The events in this sector are triggered by an exodus of human beings from Earth. There were roughly nine to thirteen important Confederate colony planets in the sector by the 25th century. However, war broke out with the Zerg invasion and subsequent clashes with the Protoss at the dawn of the 26th century. During the Guild Wars, the sector was divided into at least five zones.

The locations featured here have been featured prominently at one time or another in the StarCraft universe, whether as a battlefield within the games or as a significant part of the contextual background of the story.

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