Kodama may refer to:

  • Kodama (spirit), a spirit in Japanese folklore
  • Kodama (train), a Japanese bullet train service name
  • Kodama clan, a clan originating during the Kamakura period of Japan
  • Kodama, Saitama, a town located in Kodama District, Saitama, Japan
  • Kodama Station, a train station located in Honjō, Saitama, Japan. The station opened on July 25, 1931
  • Kodama Simham, a 1990 Telugu film starring Chiranjeevi in the lead role

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List Of Bokurano Characters - Main Characters - Masaru Kodaka
... Kodama's two gifted older brothers hate their father and try to go towards a different path, however Kodama looks up to him and his status as a "chosen" man ... Being raised by his father seems to have warped Kodama's sense of ethics and morality to the point where he enjoys to take shots at stray cats with a pellet gun ... Kodama's death alerts the other pilots to their fate ...
List Of Garo Characters - Antagonists - Kodama
... Kodama (コダマ?) is the "butler" of the Three Watchdog Priestesses, Eurasian in appearance, and his relationship with them is that he is their son ... Kodama's position has him serve the Watchdogs, carrying out their orders and protecting them from harm ... Though apparently unable to talk, Kodama can use his voice to summon magical destructive blue orbs, and throw them at his enemies ...
Hideo Kodama
... Count Hideo Kodama (兒玉 秀雄, Kodama Hideo?, July 19, 1876 – April 7, 1947), was a politician, and wartime cabinet minister in the Empire of Japan ... He was the eldest son of famed Russo-Japanese War general Kodama Gentarō, and his wife was the daughter of Prime Minister Terauchi Masatake ...
U.S. Intelligence Involvement With German And Japanese War Criminals After World War II - Pacific Policy - Japanese Who Worked With US Intelligence - Kodama Yoshio
... Kodama was Kishi's cellmate in Sugamo Prison, from which they were released in 1948, before other convicted criminals were executed ... assassinate both opposition leaders and Prime Minister Saito Makoto, for which Kodama was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment ... Kodama called it "an organization with no thought of profit," but, by the end of the war, it was worth $175 million and the Japanese government made the former prisoner a ...
Kodama - People
... Arata Kodama (born 1982), Japanese football defender Fusako Kodama (born 1945), renowned Japanese photographer Kodama Gentarō (1852–1906 ...