Kleophon Painter

The Kleophon Painter is the name given to an anonymous Athenian vase painter in the "red figure" style who flourished in the mid-to-late 5th century BCE. He is thus named because one of the works attributed to him bears an inscription in praise of a youth named "Kleophon". He appears to have been originally from the workshop of Polygnotos, and in turn to have taught the so-called "Dinos Painter". Three vases suggest a collaboration with the Achilles Painter, while a number of "black figure" works have also been attributed to him by some scholars.

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Kleophon Painter - Themes - Warriors
... The third and final main theme found in the Kleophon Painter’s works is the theme of warriors ... It seems that the Kleophon Painter liked to make paintings that would have had an upper class female target market ... The date range, as with almost all other Kleophon Painter vases, is 450 to 400 BCE ...

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