Kiribati National Football Team

The Kiribati national football team is the national football team of Kiribati and is controlled by the Kiribati Islands Football Association. Kiribati is not a member of FIFA but is an associate member of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), and is therefore not eligible to enter the FIFA World Cup but may enter the OFC Nations Cup. It became a provisional member of the N.F.-Board on December 10, 2005.

As of April 2012, Kiribati has played only ten games in its history, all at the South Pacific Games, two in 1979, four in 2003, and four in 2011. The biggest wins for Fiji and Vanuatu have been against Kiribati, 24–0 and 18–0 respectively. Kiribati have yet to win an international match, and have never played at home, not least because there is no adequate playing ground suitable for an international match. (Bairiki National Stadium is a sand pitch rather than a grass field.) In ten games, Kiribati has scored four goals and conceded 122.

In 2012, Scotsman Kevin McGreskin became the team's coach, with an aim to improve its results and obtain recognition from FIFA.

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