Kepi - Non-military Use

Non-military Use

Kepis also found their way into the uniforms of numerous railway and streetcar operators in the United States. From there it was adopted by other public transport operators around the world, including Brisbane, Australia, whose drivers and conductors continued to wear distinctive white Kepis with black visors until 1961. Brisbane bus inspectors continued to wear black kepis with decorative braid until the introduction of a French blue kepi in 1987 Brisbane Transport replaced inspector's kepis in 1995, although as of 2006 they could still be worn at official functions. In the first decade of the 21st C., youngsters have worn a kepi simply as a fashion accessory (e.g. rapper Roc Royal from the pop-R&B band, Mindless Behavior).

The kepi was the standard headgear of uniformed British Rail male employees from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.

Kepis are also worn by traditional student fraternities, also called Studentenverbindung, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. They are called Stürmer and are very colorful in appearance.

In the United States, the Nation of Islam's security/executive protection force, the Fruit of Islam, also wears a dark blue version of the kepi.

  • D. P. Dearborn wearing a kepi

  • Foreign legionnaires

  • French gendarmes

  • Contemporary French Army képi

  • Police officer in Pondicherry

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