Kaye Academic College of Education - Variety of Study Programs

Variety of Study Programs

  • For high-school graduates: A four-year program after which graduates are entitled to receive a Bachelor's degree on an academic level as well as a teaching certificate.
  • For candidates who are required to meet high-level entry criteria: This program is designed to attract top-quality students who will become "research teachers" and who perceive innovativeness and initiative as challenges in education. The students are expected to maintain high academic standards throughout the three-year program, and they receive a full scholarship for the duration of their studies.
  • For academics (“ACE”, "Shachaf"): A special two-year program in teacher education for teachers with an academic education. This program views teachers as "meaning makers" that operate and are immersed in educational situations.
  • For in-service teachers: Continuing studies for teachers who have a teaching certificate and who would like to expand their academic education in order to graduate with a B.Ed. in teaching.
  • For counselors: Certification and Advanced Certification Courses are offered to counselors who wish to study toward a B.Ed. degree and a teaching certificate. Programs are formulated on an individual basis, based on the student's previous education.
  • Pre-Academic Preparatory Program: This is an intensive program that provides an opportunity for participants to complete their matriculation requirements or improve their grades, as a basis for future academic studies. Each year, approximately 500 students study in this program.
  • The Center for Teachers' Professional Development: Kaye College serves as a regional center and as such is dedicated to promoting the professional growth and personal development of educators in the Negev. The needs of the Ministry of Education and the teaching system as a whole, together with regional exigencies and the individual needs of each teacher, are taken into account. In-service professional development courses catering to the needs of subject teachers and homeroom teachers throughout their teaching careers are held every academic year.
  • The Program for School Principals: Kaye College also conducts a training program for school principals. This program provides the knowledge, skills, values and perspectives required of people who are about to assume leadership and managerial positions in educational institutions.
  • Librarianship and information management studies: The courses are held at Kaye College, under the auspices of Beit Berl College. Participants in the program receive a "Certified Librarian" diploma and/or a "Management Studies" diploma.
  • Training courses for sport teachers and sport instructors: Kaye College trains and provides certification for sport instructors in seven of branches of sport: football, basket ball, volley ball, hand ball, track events, gymnastics and swimming. Parallel courses in sport and health club- administration and aerobic dance instruction, are also offered.
  • Training courses for art counselors.
  • The Center for Parenting and Family - the center deals with the training of moderators for various local groups that deal with parenting and family.

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