Kareen can mean the following:

  • A female given name
  • A Greek derivative of Karen, meaning Pure
  • A Qareen, a sort of personal demon in Islam
  • A type of Sidhe, goodly creatures in Irish mythology
  • An Israeli variant of the Browning Hi-Power semiautomatic pistol

Other articles related to "kareen":

Kareen Zebroff
... Kareen Zebroff (born 1941 in Germany) is a Canadian-based author, actor and television host specialising in yoga ... She hosted a CTV television series, Kareen's Yoga from 1971 to 1977 ...
Vorbarra By Marriage - Kareen Vorbarra
... Crown Princess Kareen was the mother of now (as of Diplomatic Immunity) Emperor Gregor, and the wife of Crown Prince Serg ... himself into power through his open courtship of the now Dowager Crown Princess Kareen ... Kareen for her part, sought to let the relationship cool, as she no longer needed protection from her husband ...
The Schizoid Man (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Plot
... Ira Graves, who lives with only one other person, Kareen Brianon, on a remote planet ... for medical assistance was made by Kareen without Dr ... The away team and Kareen are picked up by the Enterprise, and a funeral for the scientist is held in space ...
Kareen Antonn
... Kareen Antonn, (Kareen Antonopoulou), (born 24 May 1980) is a French artist of Greek and Spanish origin ...
Koudelka (Barrayar) - The Koudelka Girls - Martya
... Kareen observes that 'any man whose idea of a good time was to feed, pet and care for a creature that mainly responded to his worship with hostile noises, was going to get along great ... Vorkosigans, she was able to act as a conduit for information for Kareen—though not without tweaking her sister at the same time ...