Jude may refer to:

  • Jude the Apostle, an apostle also called Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus, the patron saint of lost causes in the Catholic Church
  • Epistle of Jude, a book of the New Testament of the Bible
  • Jude, brother of Jesus, who is sometimes identified as being the same person as Jude the Apostle
  • German for Jew
    • Der ewige Jude, a 1940 Nazi propaganda film whose German title means The Eternal Jew
  • Jude, a medieval Romanian judge over an area called a Judeţ
  • Jude (singer), an American musician and songwriter
  • Jude the Obscure, a novel by Thomas Hardy
    • Jude (film), a film based on the Hardy novel
  • Jude (book), a coming of age novel dealing with themes of drugs and prison.
  • Jude Lizowski, a character on the Canadian animated series 6teen
  • Jude the Entropic Man, a Marvel Comics character
  • astah*, a Java-based UML tool formerly known as JUDE

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