Jonang School

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Kalachakra - History and Origin - Spread To Tibet
... and exposition of the Shentong view were the principal distinguishing characteristics of the Jonang school that traces its roots to Dolpopa ... the Kalachakra was further advanced by the great Jonang scholar Taranatha (1575–1634) ... In the 17th century, the Gelug-led government of Tibet outlawed the Jonang school, closing down or forcibly converting most of its monasteries ...
Śūnyatā - Understanding in Various Buddhist Traditions - Tibetan Buddhism - Jonang
... The Jonang school originated in the 12th century ... Tsongkhapa strongly opposed the Jonang school, whose views he "deemed to be dharmivally incorrect" ... In the Tibetan Jonang school, only the Buddha and the Buddha Nature are viewed as not intrinsically empty, but as truly real, unconditioned, and ...

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