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Japanese Patent Law - English Translation
... The definitive version of Japanese law is the text in the Japanese language ... An official English-language translation of the law does not exist, but the Ministry of Justice Japan has the website "Japanese Law Translation", where one can search for Japanese laws and their unofficial ... Intellectual property (IP) laws such as Patent Act, Copyright Act, Trademark Act, Design Act and Unfair Competition Prevention Act are included there ...
Animal Testing Regulations - Japan - Japanese Law
... An amendment was passed in 1999 to update a law enacted in 1973 ... This amendment updated the Law Concerning the Protection and Control of Animals, during this time the name of the law was changed to the Law for the Humane Treatment ... This new law placed a strong emphasis on the responsibility of the owners of animals as well as alleviation of pain, distress, companionship, well-being, and respect for life ...
Law In Taiwan - Japanese Rule (1895-1945)
... Qing China was defeated in the First Sino-Japanese War (1894–95) and Japan took over control of Taiwan and the Penghu islands ... process, however, was not smooth and Taiwan desperately resisted the Japanese takeover, and this resistance influenced the initial legislative institutions ... the National Diet of Japan 国会 Kokkai) enacted the Law Relating to Laws and Ordinances to Be Enforced in Taiwan (Title 63, or Law 63) ...
Superficies - Japanese Law
... Japanese law provides for a similar right, known as chijōken (地上権?, lit ... above-ground rights") in Japanese and officially translated as "superficies." A superficies may also be created by operation of law when a mortgage is ...
War Crimes In Asia Mainland - Definitions - International and Japanese Law
... fall under other aspects of international and Japanese law ... For example, many of the crimes committed by Japanese personnel during World War II broke Japanese military law, and were subject to court martial ... The Japanese government also signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact (1929), thereby rendering its actions in 1937-45 liable to charges of crimes against peace ...

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