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James Lick High school has many traditions which help bring students, teachers, staff and everyone together. For years, James Lick was well known for homecoming. Other James Lick traditions are skits in the quad and collecting money for fundraisers. Every year, James Lick students go on a trip to Death Valley. James Lick also hosts an annual night rally known as Fantastics each year. It pits the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes against each other. This culminates the year long race for "Spirit Points".

Another tradition is the James Lick Carnival, usually held in late April. It is set up in the James Lick parking lot. This event consists of various rides, cotton candy and other events associated with a carnival. All proceeds go to fund the James Lick Athletic Department

James Lick alumni take part in what is known as the Alumni Race every year. It usually takes place in mid-September of every new school year. It pits former students against current students on the cross country team. It is run on the 3-mile North Rim trail of Alum Rock Park.

Every year, the James Lick and Andrew Hill varsity football teams face off in the bell game. The last time James Lick held the bell was in 2006. The Comets have won 2 games and have lost 28 games over a three-year span, including a win-less season in 2007. However, the school does field a good soccer team, which won the Lovato Cup last year.

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