Invariance Principle

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Malliavin Calculus - Invariance Principle
... The usual invariance principle for Lebesgue integration over the whole real line is that, for any real number ε and integrable function f, the following holds This can be used ... process, the Girsanov theorem then yields the following analogue of the invariance principle Differentiating with respect to ε on both sides and evaluating at ε=0, one obtains the following ...
Viktor Hambardzumyan - Scientific Activity - The Theory of Light Diffusion in Turbid Medium
... a new theory of light diffusion in turbid media, based on invariance principle invention of his own ... The invariance principle formulated by Hambardzumyan and various modifications of this principle presently are being widely used to solve extremely complicated problems in ... more complicated, but the basis is still Hambardzumyan's invariance principle ...

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