International Religious Freedom Act of 1998

The International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (Public Law 105–292, as amended by Public Law 106–55, Public Law 106–113, Public Law 107–228, Public Law 108–332, and Public Law 108–458) was passed to promote religious freedom as a foreign policy of the United States, and to advocate on the behalf of the individuals viewed as persecuted in foreign countries on the account of religion. The Act was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on October 27, 1998. Three cooperative entities have been maintained by this act to monitor religious persecution.

  1. An Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom within the Department of State,
  2. A bipartisan United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, and
  3. A Special Adviser on International Religious Freedom within the National Security Council.

While the original bill imposed mandatory sanctions on the countries supporting religious persecution, the amended act offers the president a waiver provision if he feels that it would further the goal of the bill or promote the interests of U.S. national security not to impose measures on a designated country.

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International Religious Freedom Act Of 1998 - Justification and Legal Basis
... This Act has been justified by the US Congress on the basis of constitutional and international law principles ... United States was born out of the need for religious freedom and that this principle was codified in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution ... The First Amendment explicitly guarantees the fundamental right of religious freedom and liberty to practice any faith as according to one's choice ...

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